Accounts Received.

You work hard at what you do and deserve to be paid.  What if you could have access to experts?  What if you could be confident in your A/R processes, how your resources are used and the effectiveness of your efforts?

  What is the value of healthy A/R?  

•Stronger cash flow with maximized profits

•Faster access to cash (DSO days sales outstanding)

•Resources re-applied to revenue generation

•Visibility into operations

Is your A/R neglected?  If you are like many businesses, it is.  Why?

•Other priorities demand attention

•Resistance to technology and software

•The business impact is undervalued

•A/R loss is accepted as a cost of doing business

•Lack of expertise - what can I do and where do I start?


“On Behalf was a pleasure to work with and extremely helpful in updating and incorporating industry best practices into our company procedures. I would happily recommend their expertise to anyone that desires to address and resolve ongoing receivable challenges.”        

                Aaron Price, Controller, Trinity Trailers

“Your business is a breath of fresh air. Amazing how much more effective we can be by putting in the effort up front as opposed to trying to fix something that is broken.”

                David K. Riffe, CFP®, AIF®, Managing Principal Waddell & Reed

It’s been my pleasure to refer you to my clients. I know I can trust you to take care of their needs which reflects positively on me. Thank you for what you do for them.

Terry Frisk, Partner, Certified Business Transition Expert™ B2B CFO®

 “The changes we are making have made it easier for us and our patients.”

“I now have confidence in our process.”

“Valuable!  Everything goes smoother and more directly.  We know what to do and when.  Patients know what is expected and what is coming.”

“Love, love, love the final client letter.  We are already seeing the results!”

“I’ve learned so much from this … and it is not criticism of what I do.  Instead I see that the work I do is adding value.  It is validation and support for the work that I do.”

“I’ve never been a spreadsheet person, but the tool makes it easy to track our results.  I now know what I need to be watching!”

“I know what I need to get from our software.  I’m looking at manual tasks and wondering, could I use our software to help with this?” 

“I’m more certain of what I’m sending to our collection agency.  I know what to expect and what questions to ask.”

“The work flow gives us certainty – we know what to do and when.  And now that our flow is mapped out, we can refine our system and track the results.”

“I’ve already noticed that I am making fewer calls and getting better results.”

“Every office could benefit from this!”

                Variety of professional services offices.  (Treasure Valley, Idaho)

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On Behalf will set priorities with expert focus, establish visibility in A/R inventory and aging, determine the correct efforts and use of resources and design a healthy A/R flow.
— P Leinen
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Patrick Leinen - Co-founder