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My parents instilled in me the desire to always offer my best.  "Do good ... your best" was my encouragement every day.  I learned to look for opportunities.  Like most things in life….opportunities find us when we are looking.

"I know who I am, what fits me, where I want to be and what I want to contribute.  There is no substitute for hard work and bringing your best."  GC

ON TRACK LEGAL SERVICES PLLC began in 2015 when I hung out my own shingle.  Businesses and individuals need quality, practical legal representation and an approachable, responsive attorney.  My role is to advise and support my clients as they act on their dreams, not get in their way.  As an attorney, my legal career has included large firm, general counsel and small business representation.  In each of those settings, my strength is that I am a problem solving, forward motion type of attorney who likes to put things together and make things work for my clients so they can go on with doing what they do best.  

 I am energized making connections with people who dream big, build independence, and are committed to doing good and bringing their best. The entrepreneurial spirit is the fuel of dreams and exists across many business models. I've been intrigued by the impact of e-commerce on how people were doing business.  I decided to experience that world for myself.  And what better way to learn a new way to do business, than to find the best and engage! 




"Connie Runia is an excellent business attorney and an invaluable resource for the small business owner and the entrepreneur community. "  

       -- J.A., Entrepreneur

"Connie has an amazing combination of business and law skills, which she brings to the marketplace with quiet grace. It is a pleasure working alongside her!"  

       -- M.O., Attorney

"I was not looking forward to updating our wills.  You listened and gave us some good ideas of how to deal with a difficult family situation.  I didn't think I'd ever say I enjoyed getting a Will, but I did.  Many thanks!" 

       -- R. & S. P., Will clients

"If I have to talk to an attorney, I want to talk with someone who has some real life experience.  I don't want all theories and no recommendation.  You know what it is like to be in business, you appreciate what I do every day and give practical suggestions that keep us going forward."

        -- D.K., Entrepreneur

"Connie Rocks!"

          -- P.L., Entrepreneur

"She has a straight-forward practical approach that I appreciate.  She solves problems without creating new ones."

          --B.Y., Entrepreneur

"Connie has the heart of a teacher, taking the time to explain complicated issues and making sure I understand my options."

          --S.L., Entrepreneur

Exceptional customer service.  Always.  

         --R.C., Finicky client