How I Became Determined to Learn New Skills

This has little to do with a New Year's Resolution, and more to do with the realization that I have some work to do. Like many in my generation, mastery of technology is not intuitive and competency with social media even slower to come by. But a certain minimum grasp of both is necessary, even if eventually outsourced. It is essential.

I've read articles, researched specific questions, sat through seminars and pinned down any millennial I can lure with baked goods. But in the end, it is much like riding a bike.

Growing up in the north country, when a bike is your Christmas gift, you have a long wait until you can put it to use. This particular year the bike was a glittering red coaster with a white banana seat and curved handlebars. I was ready when the warm breath of spring had finally melted the last ice and snow of winter. I had this. All winter I had read, studied, asked and listened to anyone who would give advice. Months of preparation turned to action. I positioned the bike and pedals perfectly, just as I had practiced for months inside. And now the moment had arrived... the push off ... the glide .... the horrifying wobble ... and the crash.

My parents left for work with a few words of encouragement. I was in the driveway and on the lawn searching for any advantageous starting place. Time had no meaning - nothing there but me and the glittering red bike - and my goal to be riding that day. You can believe I was so proud to ride the length of the gravel drive by the end of that day. Planning, visualizing, hoping, studying, and listening are all excellent things. But preparation must be turned to action. None can substitute for hands-on hard work.

And I expect the same in order to gain skills to make better use of technology and leverage the benefits of social media. The same hard work and commitment to finding the most advantageous starting place. That is the "why" behind me working on a social media based business. The business will glide or crash based on my ability to master these skills. (And yes, my parents still spur me on with words of encouragement!)