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General Business

From start-up through succession, when you need legal counsel, we bring real world experience and a working knowledge of how business works ... and doesn't.  Formation, owner agreements, customer and service agreements, managing vendors, purchase and sale of a business, leases, lending and lender documents review, leases, disputes, employee issues, unpaid invoices, and implementation of succession plans.  

Contracts, demands and claims

You really need more than a hand-shake - put it in writing.  Do you have a written agreement with your customers? Or you are being asked to sign an agreement?  We prepare agreements and review agreements prepared by others.  Many times a dispute can be resolved by making a clear demand, but at times stronger measures are required.  We keep your best interests in mind and take the steps necessary to resolve the dispute.

Risk Management

Preventative legal services to ensure that you get paid for what you do.  From policy review to general legal advice, make good business decisions because our efforts bring you value.      


Like many people, you haven't taken the time to take care of this.  Don't put it off any longer.  Preserve what you have built.  Update or new, we'll get it done.