Unsuccessful people make decisions based on where they are ... successful people make decisions on where they want to be
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80% of women making a six figure income do it through a network marketing business.
If you are going to show up, show up to win
— R.C.
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My Story

My parents instilled in me the desire to always offer my best.  "Do good ... your best" was my encouragement every day.  I learned to look for opportunities.  Like most things in life….opportunities find us when we are looking.  I've spent my career advising other business owners, people acting on their entrepreneurial dreams.   I am energized by their drive, passion, and courage.  But there have been big changes in the way business works….how businesses are transitioning to more e-commerce based operating models.  My own practice was impacted.  Sadly, my e-commerce skills were lacking.  I was determined to add those skills, but uncertain how.

At the same time, I noticed that a very personal transition was happening.  One that I could see in the mirror!  I was aging!  Even though I have used skin care for years, my love of the outdoors and the natural aging process were looking back at me in the mirror. I was determined to age gracefully - my skin needed some help!

When I was introduced to an e-commerce based premium skincare company, determination met opportunity.  I was skeptical and did my due diligence as I would advise any client to do.  I put the product to the test, then the company and finally the business model.  What I found was an effective product, offered by a great company with solid leadership, all in an e-commerce setting.  In fact, the consultant I purchased my products from was using the very social media tools I wanted to really learn and use to build her own business using a strategy of moving premium products into the market.  I was impressed with the levels of integrity, professionalism, acceptability, sophistication, training and support. 

If you are curious, I see myself in the mirror again!  And my e-commerce skills?  Well, the best way to learn a new skill is to put it into practice so I've added another stream of income all while I have access to exceptional e-commerce training provided to help me build my business.  I use those same skills in all of my businesses - this was a "best" choice for me.  If you, like me, are someone who brings their best, I'd love to talk with you!   

The Network Marketing Business Model

Many people dream of starting their own business where they will answer only to themselves, be responsible for the outcomes, and where their hard work will be a labor of love.

I talk with hundreds of entrepreneurs - what stops them from acting on their dreams?  Seldom legal barriers - more often one or more of the following:  

1. TIME - Few have the luxury of quitting one thing to start another. "I just don't have time" or "It's too late to start something new" 

2. CASH - Starting, buying, investing in a new business takes cash - often more than you would think! "I'm barely getting by now" "I can't take the risk"

3. THE RIGHT PRODUCT OR IDEA - At the heart of every business - a product or service with a market.  People have to want and purchase what you are offering.   

4. EXPERTISE - You have to know what you are doing.  Expertise not only sets you apart, it is critical for long term success.

Pretty tough issues - right? It is a wonder anyone strikes out on their own.  These are exactly the reasons that I am a fan of well run, reputable and professional network marketing businesses. Done well and professionally, it is a proven business model. Here's why I'm a fan and what "done well" looks like.

1. TIME - It is one of the few entrepreneurial endeavors that can be started part time while you continue to engage in your full time occupation. Part time efforts that have the possibility of replacing full time JOBS. But a caution here, anyone who presents the opportunity as a get rich quick scheme should be avoided.  The people I know who have been successful in this business model work hard, consistently over time.

2. CASH - In non-inventory, non-party models, the initial investment and continuing investment requirements are small in comparison to other business models.  Overhead is minimal in that you can work from anywhere.  However, it is unreasonable to expect that you will be able to build a business without having to invest more than your time.  That being said, a well run company will have incentives in all the right places to get you where you need to be.  All you need is WIFI and a dream!

3. THE RIGHT PRODUCT OR IDEA - Step into a proven product already tried and tested in the marketplace. No product development, testing, selection - it is already done for you.  But that's not enough.  Look for an ongoing commitment to product development, successful product launches, consistent quality, and exceptional performance -- and selecting a consumable product (=lifetime customers!) is important.  One indicator of a quality product line is recognition of the product and the company outside of the network marketing industry.

4. EXPERTISE - access to high quality training materials on both the product line and the business model + incentives for success + together with access to experts = a powerful combination. Take full advantage of the training, be coachable, and build your expertise quickly.

I'm convinced that all of us have a bit of entrepreneur in our spirit.  For most, the above four barriers will never be crossed.  For those who do, their hope is that their efforts will pay off with a successful future - whatever success may mean to them.  Entrepreneurs do the work and take the risks not many will, so that later they can play and earn rewards over and above what others can.  So if you have that desire, that stirring and would like to do and be more, why not consider a business model that gives you the advantage?